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About Miller Tool & Die

Miller Tool & Die has broad rage of experience in producing dies for many products. These include parts used in marine, lawn & garden, off-road vehicles, electric motors, air-conditioners, washers, dryers, computers, microwave ovens, generators, ranges, and many more.

Miller Tool & Die has 22,500 square feet of space at it's Mayville, Wisconsin location. Plus we have 13 state certified Tool & Die makers.

Miller Tool & Die is located in Mayville, Wisconsin. Mayville is centered between Milwaukee, Madison, and Oshkosh. It is about a 45 minute drive to each location.

With quick access to major cities in Wisconsin, Mayville is a prime location to have all your tool and die working done. For more information on Mayville visit the city website at www.mayvillecity.com.

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